A Brief History of The Children First Foundation
by Charles and Elizabeth Rex
        The history of The Children First Foundation is intimately linked to the history of the Rex family. We and our three children will be forever grateful to two young women who maturely chose adoption as the best plan for themselves and their unwanted crisis pregnancies.  Here is how adoption helped us turn our marriage into a family.
        Married in our very late thirties (okay, we were 40) we were eager to have children as soon as possible. But after four years of struggling with infertility, doctors finally recommended that we “give up” and look into adoption.  We had our cry and began looking into the very bewildering world of adoption.  Just as we were making some headway with our adoption plans… bingo, baby on the way!  We had heard of such stories about couples who conceive naturally either right before or right after adopting.  It certainly happened to us at age 45!  We are very thankful to  “adoption” for its unsung role in helping us with our first son.
        A few months later, we both came to the same conclusion, “Hey, we should look into adoption again!”  This time our adoption plan worked and we were blessed with our second son. We were actually “chosen” by a young, expecting 18-year old, and for everyone involved, adoption turned her crisis pregnancy “nightmare” into our “dream come true.” This mature young woman told us she was very glad she had chosen adoption and that her first goal was to finish high school and then go onto college. Marriage and family, she said, would come later on. We thanked her for courageously choosing adoption and for her great “gift of life” to us.
        As our family grew, so did our expenses and our charitable donations began to dwindle.  Since Charles is a concert violinist, we decided to increase our charitable giving by using Charles’ musical talent to “raise funds” for one of our favorite charities, a crisis pregnancy center, by organizing a benefit recital in our home.  We invited the director of the center to say a few words at the intermission, and he happened to mention a young, pregnant woman he had just counseled that week. Offering to help her any way he could, he asked her to consider adoption as a possibility for her difficult situation.  Needless to say, we immediately expressed an interest in adopting the child if the woman ever returned to his center and, thankfully, she did.  We all met and, once again, adoption resolved the crisis.  Seven months later, thanks to the center’s constant encouragement and support, and the young woman’s loving, life-giving decision on behalf of the child, our newborn daughter came home. Adoption turned an unwanted pregnancy into a beloved child and a better, happier life for all.
        Having experienced first-hand the truly “awesome” experience of two adoptions, Charles and I decided we wanted to formalize our commitment to raising funds for pro-life agencies that help women choose life and consider adoption for their unwanted pregnancies.
        The Children First Foundation was “conceived” in the year 2000 and, with hard labor, was finally “born” in the year 2001.  With the additional help and support of valued friends and now fellow colleagues on CFF’s Board of Directors and Board of Advisors, The Children First Foundation is now actively promoting and supporting adoption as a positive choice for women with unwanted pregnancies or newborns in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
        CFF strongly believes that adoption truly deserves broader public understanding, appreciation and support as a positive, mature, life-giving choice for women with unwanted pregnancies.  More adoptions -- more smiling children -- are the heart, soul and goal of CFF. 
        We sincerely hope you will help us promote and support adoption with a CFF Membership or donation today.  On behalf of CFF, the organizations we support, the women who are helped and the newborns who are lovingly adopted, thank you for helping all of us put “the children first.”
Board of Directors

Elizabeth B. Rex, Ph.D., President

Charles McNamara, Vice President

Charles G. Rex, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer


Advisory Board

Raymond Belair, Esq.
Marie Brand
Richard Brand
Larry Cirignano, Esq.
Marion Conner
Carol Crossed
Helen Fitzgerald
James Fitzgerald
Denise V. Fox

Marla Greco, Esq.

The Honorable Richard Greco, Jr.

Karen Hanley

Nancy Held-Sheehe
Colleen Johnstone
Joseph Limongelli
Martha Moulton, M.D.
Damon Owens

Donald Sadler

The Honorable John Spencer
Rivers Teske


Legal Counsel

Jeff Shafer, Esq.

Brian Raum, Esq.

Demetrios Stratis, Esq.
Raymond Belair, Esq.


CFF is an IRS 501 (c)(3) charitable organization and donations are tax-deductible.